Welcome to my Blog!

Hello, there! My name is Devyn and this is my first blog post. Yep, I’ve hopped on the train. That’s what people say, right? Are blogs even still a train to hop on? Well, anyway, here I am regardless.

I decided to create a blog because while my regular 9 to 5 job may pay the bills, it does little for my soul. You know, that fulfilling satisfaction you get from a hobby or activity that just can’t be achieved pushing paper at your standing desk eight or more hours a day? We can’t all be lucky enough to travel the world and get paid doing it! So, I wanted a place to share my love of good, healthy (not always healthy because let’s be real) foods and my passion for trying new things (even when they don’t always work out). To cultivate a space where I could share my stories and my thoughts and my life in hopes of keeping me motivated, healthy, and inspired while maybe inspiring others along the way. And ultimately to keep me happy. It’s my modern day scrapbook. It’s the new age Lisa Frank trapper keeper full of all my best times. A window into my life that I hope others like peering into on occasion.

To get started I should probably spend a little time telling you who I am, as if it’s that easy, right?! I’ll try not to bore you….too much. I’m not making any promises, though.

I’m a twenty-something living in Central Kentucky.

Here’s a peak into my neighborhood.


I’ve lived in Kentucky most of my life, despite having moved a lot as a child. My parents settled in Eastern Kentucky eventually and that’s where I made my home. Moving to Lexington happened naturally after college as it was where all the jobs were. If you left Eastern Kentucky you pretty much ended up in Lexington somewhere. That’s just the way it goes in small places. Speaking of jobs, I work in the science industry, bouncing around from working in animal and human drug testing and genetics to performing quality control for a veterinary lab. I haven’t quite found my niche, as it were, and I haven’t quite made use of my master’s degree (in Forensic DNA) yet either. But that’s okay. I am quickly learning that life isn’t set in stone or something that needs to be determined when you’re 18, fresh out of high school. The pressure to choose your future right then and there is strong and we often choose incorrectly. Maybe I did that. Or maybe I just haven’t found the career in my field that speaks to me! Which is also okay. I’ve learned, with the help of my husband, that I am still young. Too young to think my future is set in place, that’s for sure! And that carries me to try new things all the time. Never be scared to start something new or try a new hobby! If you don’t you miss too many opportunities to learn and grow as a person. Cultivate your sense of self any way you can!

As I mentioned, I have a wonderful husband, Jacob. He cannot be summed up quickly and words could never do justice to how truly remarkable he is. His love for me and for our little family is immense and unconditional. He is one of a kind in every way. He tries my failed baking attempts and smiles through the particularly bad recipes I set forth for dinner. He supports my recent switch to a plant-based diet just as he supports everything I do. He’s the best. And quite the looker, too.

4Photo credit: KentuckyStudio

Okay, I will stop with that mushy stuff now.

As far as our family goes, we have two furry children, Ghost and Evelyn. Furry because they’re dogs, not because they have any sort of condition. But, still, even if they were furry human children we’d love them all the same. But I think I’m getting off topic.

Ghost is a three year old Samoyed who is quite possibly the most rambunctious pup alive. As lively as he is hairy, he towers over his sister—her protector, her pal, her sometimes arch-nemesis. Evie is a rat terrier mutt around three years old and if ever there was a dog that loved belly rubs, this girl’s it. She refuses to fetch, run around, or so much as look at a toy sideways. But crawl up on the couch with a blanket and she’s down to snuggle. For hours. Until your legs go numb and you really have to use the restroom but she’s too cute and she’s snoring and WHO WOULD DISTURB THAT PRECIOUS ANGEL?! A monster that’s who. Just look at that tummy. It’s begging to be scratched.


These two pups are the perfect yin and yang and they keep mine and Jacob’s hearts full and our schedules packed. Not to mention our floors covered in hair. I mean, come on, have you seen a Samoyed?! In case you haven’t…


Little cloud pup and his little cloud clumps

Jacob and I have been married six months but together almost seven years. We’ve pretty much grown into adults together (okay, we try most days to be adults) and I love thinking where the future will take us. For now we are saving for a home of our own. But in the meantime I am perfecting my cooking skills and learning to garden all while keeping my home in order, my pups taken care of, and myself taken care of as well. It’s a simple life but it’s a good one. Stop by from time to time and check in. All you’ve got to do is knock! Until then, keep an optimistic mind and a compassionate heart. Maybe go out and try something new. 😉



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